Master Keyed System

Keying System

Here at G & W Locksmith Enterprise, we provide a master keying service for any size system at an affordable cost when using Gain’s cylinders and padlocks. Your master keyed system will be designed with the utmost care to your specification by our expert team based in Malaysia.

Master keyed system becoming more and more popular, not only for commercial applications. We have a range of cylinders and padlocks which can be suited in some way…. either keyed alike, where one key fits all locks, or master keyed, where each lock has an individual key and a master key opens all of them.

From one door, where two locks operate on a single key, right up to a multi-site complex master key system with hundreds of locks. All lock assembly work is carried out in our own workshop, and records are stored securely.

With our range of system profiles available, we are able to cater for the largest master keyed systems such as hospitals and universities, as well as smaller systems such as small offices and Doctor Surgeries.

If you would like some assistance creating your one key locking system or you would like assistance with a more complicated system like a Master Keyed System, you can call Gain Malaysia 016-3779898 or visit one of our authorized dealers nearby your area.